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Non-Disclosure Agreement

Information on this web site is confidential and/or proprietary information ("Confidential Information") of Applied Materials, Inc. ("Applied"). Your access to, and use of, this Confidential Information is subject to the confidentiality provisions of your current supply agreement with Applied and the terms and conditions of any applicable nondisclosure agreements between you and Applied. You also acknowledge that the Confidential Information may contain material, nonpublic information, your awareness of which prohibits you from (1) buying or selling Applied's securities (stock, options, etc.) until after the information has been disclosed to the public and absorbed by the market ("insider trading"), and (2) passing the Confidential Information on to anyone who may buy or sell Applied securities ("tipping"). You shall comply with all federal and state securities laws barring insider trading and tipping.

By proceeding to access Secured Reports, you are agreeing that you
have read and understand the terms of the above Nondisclosure Statement.

I Agree

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